In-depth: IEEE 754 Multiplication And Addition

To me, programming has always been an exercise in understanding blackboxes. About taking systems apart and figuring out their internal workings. And although this teaches you about how other programmers think and work it does take away some of the amazement you have when seeing a cleverly written piece of code.

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Practical MLAA on the GPU – My take

Practical MLAA on the GPU – My take In days where FXAA seems to be the anti-aliasing method of choice, due to it being easy to implement and fast to execute. I’m going to take a look at how the “French MLAA paper” (Interactive Summed-Area Table Generation for Glossy Environmental Reflections). And second, because the code is quite hard to understand if you don’t know any French (I don’t, and because of this I might have made some mistakes; bear with me).